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Maple + Bacon Breakfast Restaurant

We think you’ll agree, there is something extraordinary about the flavors and energy of Chris Pavlou’s family of restaurants. Maybe that’s why more and more people from Valparaiso are talking about the chefs newest venture, a breakfast restaurant called Maple + Bacon.
The elevator speech for this restaurant might be, Radius with a breakfast menu. But take a closer look, and you’ll see a restaurant that is completely unique and without comparison.
But don’t take our word for it, just check out our website. We hope you have fun!

Maple + Bacon | Valpo’s Breakfast, Brunch + Coffee Bar

A signature characteristic of Pavlou’s restaurants is getting what you want, the way you want and where you want.
Maple + Bacon features four innovative dining spaces, each carefully designed to make every visit satisfying. Even our coffee express comes with a smile and tasty options, including the finest selection of aromatic coffees, and the freshest choice pastries, muffins, croissants, bagels and scones.
But while people love this breakfast restaurant for its innovative space and coffee, make no mistake about it, it’s the breakfast and brunch that earns the star attraction.

Valpo’s Best Breakfast!

Fans of Radius love to boast of the great atmosphere, service, and award-winning food. At Maple and Bacon, you’ll find all of this and more on the innovated menu created by the pallet of Chefs of Steel winner, Chef Pavlou.
M+B has a “sharable menu” and a regular menu. They are both fun!
With a taste of upscale, the menus include traditional breakfast items, like pancakes, waffles, signature omelets and steak n eggs. There is also a breakfast sandwich, club sandwich and a healthy line-up to keep you fit and running all day!
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Breakfast Made Fun!

But it’s the innovation that makes it fun. French toast stuffed with strawberries & mascarpone cheese. A biscuit sandwich with a fried chicken patty with grape sauce on it. Fans of Radius love M+B’s the candy bacon drizzled with what else? Real organic maple syrup!
The biscuits and gravy are the M+B specialty. Want to spice it up? Chorizo biscuits with homemade jalapeno and cheddar. For the best eggs benedict in town, order the “Friends with Benefits.” There’s even a breakfast taco! Everything at this Aberdeen restaurant is natural and everything is fun!
It was over a cup of coffee with legendary restauranteur Bill Wellman that inspired Pavlou to start a breakfast and brunch restaurant. The man with the golden touch and first person inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame said, “Chris, Valpo needs a great brunch restaurant and you’re just the person to do it!”

It was the last time Chris saw Bill Wellman. We think Wellman would be pleased that his friend honored his request.

The Maple + Bacon brunch menu will include everything on the breakfast menu, plus such crowd pleasers as a club sandwich, a burger called the morning glory, and a line-up of breakfast tacos that include chicken and brisket. Our Shorewood fans love the steak tacos and so will you!

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